Preparing for Undergraduate Research at UCSC

This workshop is geared for students who are not involved in research but are interested in what they need to do to prepare.  It provides an overview of what undergraduate research is, definitions of key terms, and steps to take to become a strong candidate for UR.  Links to resources in the presentation are on the handout.

Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research at UCSC

This is the general workshop I give to student groups and classes.  It includes information for all divisions.  I modify it each time to be appropriate for the group I am working with. 

This workshop introduces undergraduate students to what undergraduate research (UR) is, how to get involved and specific opportunities at UCSC.  The presentation includes an overview of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities website, including dedicated webpages for each division. Additional resources include information on Joining a Lab or Research Group, The Independent Study Option, and Application Tips and Deadlines.

Versions for specific audiences:

Secrets of STEM Research Groups- Structure, Function, & Dynamics

The goals of this workshop are to provide undergraduates with an overview of what a research group is, how it functions, and the importance of the group's culture to a student's success.

STEM Summer Programs

This workshop presents information on what to consider when choosing a summer program, finding an opportunity, application tips and additional resources for the application process.

Poster Presentations- Preparing and Presenting at Your Best

Malika Moutawakkil Bell
STEM Diversity Program Director (to February 2015)

Summer Research Opportunities:  Applying and Getting In

Malika Moutawakkil Bell
STEM Diversity Director (to February 2015)
Yulianna A. Ortega
STEM Diversity Program Acting Director 

More presentations and videos are available at STEM Diversity Resources.