Information for Mentors

Thank you for your interest is serving as a mentor for a Koret Scholar. Among the 10 high-impact educational practices identified by George Kuh, a well-known educational scholar, is undergraduate research. Indeed, several key studies have shown that student-faculty interactions outside of the classroom through undergraduate participation in research play a significant role in the academic achievement, retention, and performance of undergraduate students. Perhaps most important in the context of UC Santa Cruz, participation in undergraduate research markedly improves the retention and timely graduation of students of color, first generation college students, low-income students, and lower achieving students. Collaborating with faculty in research also imparts skills that help students get jobs and contribute to the economy.

Compensation: In order to honor their time and commitment to undergraduate research, Mentors for Koret Scholars will receive $650 for each Koret Scholar supervised. These funds are to be used in support of any research project involving undergraduates. Additional details: 

  • Mentors may mentor up to 5 Koret Research Scholars per academic year.
  • Graduate students and Postdocs are also eligible to be Koret Scholar Mentors. For graduate students the terms are somewhat different. Graduate students receive a $2,000 fellowship and do not have to participate in the mentoring in the context of an independent study. 
  • Proposed projects can be student- or faculty-originated.

Independent Study: Koret Scholars are to participate in a research project through a 2- or 5-credit independent study with their faculty or graduate student mentor. As such, scholarships will not be awarded for regular course assignments or other course-related research projects but new research projects might be developed out of previous coursework.

Letter of Support: The mentor letter of support should address the applicant’s ability to carry out the project and detail the support that will be provided by the mentor. The letter should also describe the research project and express willingness to collaborate with the student in the independent study course.

Please consider mentoring an undergraduate researcher through the Koret Scholars Program. Student eligibility and project evaluation criteria can be found here.

Application deadline: November 30, 2016. Applications are to be submitted by the student. Students are encouraged to work with their mentor in preparing and submitting their application.

Mentor Flyer

Questions? Contact Sara Sanchez, Coordinator of Undergraduate Honors and Research Opportunities at or (831) 459-5386.