The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group

Nature of Research/Program Description: 

The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group was a leader in the work to recover the Pacific States Peregrine Falcon population from near extinction. Today, we build upon this success story with a university based conservation education program that includes: Falcon Nest Cameras, School Assemblies, Citizen Science Participation, University Internships, and Peregrine Falcon Research.

University students learn peregrine falcon natural history and the story of the population recovery in class (College 8 20G, Peregrine Falcons Return) and gain experience working cooperatively with community volunteers for whom observations of wild peregrine falcons has become an important leisure time activity.  They earn internship, independent study, and senior project credit through direct participation in our work.

Keywords: education; peregrine falcon; extinction; education; research

Faculty Director & Contact: Glenn R. Stewart

Location Details: 
Field sites can require a transportation.
Targeted Students: 
Students who have taken College 8 20G, Peregrine Falcons Return in winter quarter.
Program Time Period: 
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Academic Credit
Students can get academic credit and can work towards a senior project.
Approximate Number of UCSC Students (Each Year): 
Year Began: 
Glenn Stewart
Contact Email:
Faculty Director: 
Glenn Stewart
Faculty Director Email:
Program Outcomes: 

See the SCPBRG Bibliography.

See current and past newsletters.


See the SCPBRG Bibliography.

See current and past newsletters.

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