Network Management and Operations (NMO) Lab

Nature of Research/Program Description: 

The Network Management and Operations Lab (NMO Lab) specializes in the general areas of network management and operations, and the management of technology in a high-tech environment.

Projects are proposed by engineers and managers at Cisco Systems, Inc., and are assigned to correspond with the skills and interests of the NMO Lab faculty and interns. Interns work with faculty sponsors who partner with Cisco directors and managers on challenging projects in the areas of technology, product development, and project management. Complex networked systems problems (e.g. performance, reliability, security, quality of service, etc.) are replicated on the equipment for the interns to examine and solve.

The NMO Lab also serves as a place for our interns to gain insight and expertise through the evaluation of new technologies and business processes. Experience with real-world problems in these complex networked environments aids in the definition of new research projects and serves as important education for our students. Our expectation is that the identification of problems requiring further research will lead to additional funding for the NMO Lab and its projects.

Contact: Tammy Tooley-Chelossi

Keywords: undergraduate; internship; network management; operations; technology; high-tech environment; paid; fall; winter; spring; summer; on-campus

Location Details: 
E2-581 and E2-592 Commuting to Cisco in San Jose may be required for training at the beginning of the internship and for meetings throughout the internship
Targeted Students: 
Undergraduate and Graduate Students from the Majors listed selected
Program Time Period: 
Academic Year
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Fall Quarter
Time Period Details: 
Internships are on a quarter-by-quarter basis until project is complete or until student graduates
Students are paid through UCSC, not Cisco.
Application Deadline: 
Approximate Number of UCSC Students (Each Year): 
Year Began: 
Michael Matkin
Contact Title: 
NMO Lab Manager
Contact Email:
Faculty Director: 
Brad Smith
Faculty Director Email:
Program Goal(s): 

To give students the opportunity to gain experience with real-world problems in complex networked environments while working to provide solutions to Cisco on actual issues they encounter.

Program Outcomes: 

Students gain experience with real-world problems in complex networked environments; learn how to interact professionally with University faculty and corporate directors and managers on project initiatives; and gain knowledge of common business practices in industry.

Participant Follow-up: 

The NMO Lab follows up with its interns after their internships to track their subsequent activities. Students may be contacted by NMO Lab staff for this information after internships are completed.


Links to several news articles about the NMO Lab can be found on the NMO Lab website at

Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Network and Digital Technology
Technology and Information Management
Additional information: 
Required application materials: • A resume. Please indicate your expected graduation date on your resume and notify the manager if your graduation date changes. • A copy of your unofficial transcript. • A letter of recommendation from a School of Enginee