Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service (IDEASS)

Nature of Research/Program Description: 

Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service (IDEASS), is a year-long (3-quarter) upper division service-learning course that is designed to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills while developing students as change agents savvy to the sustainability challenges that will define the 21st Century. Most projects are based in the community, not at UCSC. There is the opportunity to participate in the winter and spring quarters if the student is unavailable in fall.  Please contact the program for more information.

A 3-quarter commitment is required, 5 units in each quarter. ENVS students can use IDEASS credits to fulfill their senior exit requirement, and, depending on your major, other students may be able to do so as well. Most students will enroll in an upper-division seminar series cross-listed between environmental studies and electrical engineering (EE 122, ENVS 183A&B).

Students in the School of Engineering can enroll in the fall 2 unit IDEASS Project Planning Collaborative and continue working with their IDEASS team during their department’s senior capstone sequence.

2013 Flier

Keywords: academic year; service learning; credit; STEM; sustainability; community; engineering

Contacts: Tamara Ball and James Barsimantov

Faculty Director: Mike Isaacson

Targeted Students: 
Juniors and Seniors who are not engineering majors. Physical and Biological Science majors are especially encouraged to apply. There is also the opportunity for students in the Arts (Film and Digital Media) to be involved to document the projects.
Program Time Period: 
Academic Year
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Fall Quarter
Academic Credit
Application Deadline: 
Contact the program for more information.
Year Began: 
Tamara Ball
James Barsimantov
Contact Title: 
IDEASS Course Instructors
Contact Email:
Faculty Director: 
Mike Isaacson
Faculty Director Email:
Applied Physics
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Earth Sciences
Ecology and Evolution
Environmental Studies
Film and Digital Media
Human Biology
Marine Biology
Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Plant Sciences

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