The STEM Career-Life Balance Resource Center

What is “Career-Life Balance?”

Career-Life Balance (CLB) is the idea that family and career are compatible pursuits.

In 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a program to increase the participation of women in science through programs such as NSF’s Career-Life Balance Initiative, which aims to bring the number of women in tenure-track positions into balance with the number of women receiving Ph.D.s in the STEM disciplines.

Read about it here.

What is the STEM CLB Resource Center?

The STEM CLB Resource Center aims to increase participation in STEM careers by raising awareness of the successful coexistence of STEM career and family, and by providing the tools to plan for both. 

Since undergraduates are often in the pre-planning stages of both career and family, our efforts begin with undergraduates, and include graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty. 


Congratulations to Heidi Molga, who recently graduated from UCSC with honors for her project, "Pursuing Career-Life Balance in Academia by Providing Mentorship to Undergraduate Students in STEM fields."

CLB Resources at UCSC

CLB Mentors

Mimmi Ballard
Interview with Mimmi Ballard

Dr. Anna Beaudin
Interview with Anna Beaudin

Dr. Stephane Beaudin
Interview with Stephane Beaudin

Professor Needhi Bhalla
About Needhi Bhalla
Interview with Needhi Bhalla

Professor Lindsay Hinck
About Lindsay Hinck
Interview with Lindsay Hinck

Professor Tesla Jeltema
About Tesla Jeltema
Interview with Tesla Jeltema

Professor Karen Otteman
About Karen Otteman
Interview with Karen Otteman

Professor Carrie Partch
About Carrie Partch
Interview with Carrie Partch

Professor Stefano Profumo
About Stefano Profumo
Interview with Stefano Profumo

Professor Amy Ralston
Interview with Amy Ralston

Professor Vikki Auerbuch Stone
About Vikki Auerbuch Stone
Interview with Vikki Auerbuch Stone

Professor Yi Zuo
About Yi Zuo
Interview with Yi Zuo

More mentor interviews coming soon!

CLB Talks:

Women in Physics Guest Speaker
"Career-Life Balance, the Professor Mom Perspective"

Dr. Amy Ralston
3:30-5 pm
Friday May 30, 2014

Undergraduate Research Social
"From embryo to adult: my path to parent-professorhood"

Dr. Amy Ralston
12:00-1:15 pm
Friday August 2, 2013
Hosted by the UCSC STEM Diversity Programs
UCSC Events
Work-Life Balance in Academic Careers
Friday, November 22 2:30-4:00 PM
Sponsored by UCSC Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE), the CBSE Research Mentoring Institute (CBSE RMI), and STEM Diversity Programs.

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  • Jack Baskin Engineering Building 3rd floor restroom and basement restroom
  • Long Marine Lab, Doyle Building restroom
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More resources coming soon!

CLB Resources Beyond UCSC

Scholarship Resources for Women 

Supplemental NSF Funding for Graduate Student and Postdocs:

 Other UC Campuses:

Family Leave Policies and Issues at Academic Institutions:

Books on CLB in Academia:



Carrie Partch, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
Lab website

Past STEM CLB Resource Center Members

Founding Director

Amy Ralston, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Michigan State University

STEM CLB Undergraduate

Heidi Molga
Neuroscience, 2014