Monterey Bay Aquarium

Nature of Research/Program Description: 

The mission of the nonprofit Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the oceans.  Numerous internships are listed here. A few of the internships involve research, such as the Shorebird Rehabilitation Internship, which was offered for summer, 2014.  Check the website for current positions.

Shorebird Rehabilitation Intern

Students will have hands-on learning experiences surrounding avian rehabilitation methods including incubation and chick-rearing.  They will have learning opportunities in diet preparation, feeding, record- keeping, behavior, animal capture/restraint, cleaning operations and other factors affecting the care of the collection.  In addition, we provide the opportunity to work with conservation and research biologists in the field through the release program. We also offer interview/resume building skills.  Opportunities may be available to learn about other avian species in our collection that include alcids, penguins and albatross.  Physical project assignments can include:  kneeling, bending, squatting, climbing, scrubbing, sweeping and lifting.

Location Details: 
Monterey, CA
Program Time Period: 
All Year
Ecology and Evolution
Marine Biology