Profiles of UCSC Undergraduate Researchers

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lois Rosson, B.A. History & Art, 2013
Profile by Rebecca Anderson

Kristoffer Hellén, B.S. History, 2013
Winner of 2013 Steck Award for the best undergraduate senior thesis

Ashley Young, Majoring in Film and Digital Media and Legal Studies
YouTube video produced by Woody Carroll and Nick Dulin.  ©UCSC Film & Digital Media Department

Physical & Biological Sciences and Engineering

Ariel Anders, B.S. Computer Engineering, 2012
Profile by Rebecca Anderson

Eric Curiel, B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2014
Profile by Rebecca Anderson

Kaitlin Hellier, B.S. Physics, 2013
Profile by Rebecca Anderson

Xochiti Rios, B.S. Chemistry, 2013
Profile from UCSC Development

Amanuel Zeryihun, B.S. 2013
Profile from CAMP-NSF 2013

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