STEM Career-Life Balance Resource Center

Career-Life Balance (CLB) is the idea that family and career are compatible pursuits. The CLB Resource Center aims to increase participation in STEM careers by raising awareness of the successful coexistence of STEM career and family, and by providing the tools to plan for both.

Academic Support & STEM Diversity

UCSC has many academic support programs to help you achieve academic excellence and your professional goals. Specific programs, including those in STEM Diversity, work to increase the presence of under-represented groups in the Sciences and Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is undergraduate research? How do I fund my project? I just got admitted to UCSC and I am interested in undergraduate research.  How can I prepare? I am a transfer student. How can I get involved? For answers...

Student's Profiles

David Murakami (Film & Digital Media, 2014) writes, directs, and designs the media for unique hybrid combinations of stage plays, operas, and films.  Read more

Kaitlin Hellier (Physics, 2014) planned a career as a fashion designer, mathematician, or lawyer, not as a professional physicist.  Read more about her transition from a degree in fashion design to a degree in physics and research on solar energy.

Links to more profiles

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